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This one time at Band Club...

So the 5th graders have an exciting opportunity!  They do after school "clubs" throughout the year - previously things like additional fun art projects, PE related activities, a gaming club - things like that.  So comes home this year a new one...a teacher is sponsoring Band Club!  They'll be starting from the ground level teaching instruments, meeting twice a week after school.  My mother being an absolute saint said that she could pick Ryan up from practices (it dovetails nicely around the times she was getting them already for karate practice, which makes it doable at all).  So transportation: Go.  Asked Ryan if he'd be interested, he said he'd like to go to the "roundup" and check it out.

So we went!Collapse )


If today is NOT a day to talk about rational gun control laws then I guess we as a nation just have to accept that it's OK to not be able to...go to a movie...take a stroll around the mall...drop our kids off at school and expect to pick them up alive...

On growing up

We'll start with little miss. Tonight she will be attending the second annual (though first for her) Father and Daughter dance at school. Hubby said he saw some of the dads and daughters last year, and it was pretty fancy. SO. She has a lovely organza tiered ruffled dress in white, with a black sash (which she loves and probably would have worn every day since purchase if allowed). I have a nice selection of black and white headbands for her to pick from. Yay for the eternal clearances at Kohl's. I also picked up a (actual, though tiny) diamond and marcasite butterfly necklace for her from Kohl's "Discontinued, here, we'll pay YOU to take it" fine jewelry counter. I don't think she was overly impressed with it. Feh. 7 year olds have no gratitude. Hubby's suits didn't fit him right anymore. 15 years and a not too distant back surgery later...that isn't really shocking. So he had to get new duds too :-) The young man helped here by giving us his opinions on shirt color and tie choice. And while the hubby did *not* pick the tie that the young man liked best, he did pick on that R. had selected. His outfit cost way more than hers :-)

It's like prom for the elementary school set. Only with no associated teenage prom worries! I like. Plus it will give me an excuse to take pictures with my Christmas present.

Ok, maybe I should be worried. The little girl has already asked if she can have my boobies. I firmly told her no, that she will have her own in time. Just like with the loose teeth...when they are ready, they...fall out? Hmmm, perhaps that wasn't the right comparison. Oh well, it was what came to mind at the time. I'm pretty sure it was something more like 7th grade before this became something I had to be concerned about. And I love you little girl, but I'm TOTALLY Ok with you being a late bloomer.

First dance, check. *little sniffle*
I won't be overly expository here, but...weighing it outCollapse )

One should know better...

Everytime I think that 2011 can't get any worse, it goes and proves me wrong. Fuck you, 2011.
Warning, Ranting ahead!Collapse )

In Theory, of course

It was offically Monday morning, but for her purposes, she was going with Sunday night. She watched the snow flurries drift across the patch of light illuminated by the headlights. The traffic light was red even though there were no cars in sight. It was 1:30 am and she'd just discovered that the previously 24 hour Kroger wasn't anymore. They had closed at 1. This left a problem: With a spate of activities over the weekend including karate, a birthday party, a houseguess, and a movie, she had zoned on aquiring a can of (white, not whipped) frosting and two jars of sprinkles that her young man was supposed to bring to school...well technically on Friday, but they were going to start their class gingerbread house project on Monday, so if she could but just *find* some, he'd still have his materials.

The little shop at the gas station...nope - the attendant gave her a "yeah right" look. But it was worth taking the minute to check, since it was right there. The next Kroger up the road? Also closed. She knew a place that would be open, and, having commited to going out in the first place in search of frosting, went ahead and plunged into possible insanity land. Up the GA 400 she went to the next exit, where she knew the 24 hour Wal-Mart still was 24 hours. And indeed, they had frosting, and sprinkles, and a sympathetic checkout lady.

The flurries were still coming down as she drove home with the precious cache.

So is this an example of good parent, bad parent, or slightly psychotic parent? Hypothetically speaking, of course!


You know you aren't too far in the wild when not only can you update your lj, but you actually have better 3g than you do at work.


How did I get roped into this?

It sounded like a good idea. Fall camping trip, close to home, well traveled park with (relatively speaking) lush camping facilities to help camping newbs like me be more sanguine about being so close to the great outdoors.

SO in approximately 40 minutes, I will be collecting my eldest child, braving ugly rush hour traffic, and ending up at a campsite where we will spend the next two (freezing) nights.

They are also now forecasting a 40% chance of showers tonight.


A little update

First off, I picked up the Kidz Bop - Halloween Party CD figuring the kids might like it. I was SO WRONG. They don't like it, they LIVE IT, BREATHE IT, DEMAND IT, *LOVE* IT! So...I think it was a good buy. I've forgotton what the real versions of a lot of songs sound like...Werewolves of London, Time Warp, I Want Candy, Someone's Watching Me, etc. They sing the songs off it at home. Rachel is partial to Werewolves of London, while Ryan seems to have glommed onto Disturbia and Witch Doctor.

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